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  • Buy Aurora Indica


    $700 per qp/ $300 per oz/ $900 per hp/ $1800 per lb

    This indica bud has a high 15-20% THC content and is a cross between Northern Lights and Afghan. The bud is also good for medicinal treatment for patients who need the CBD content. The bud is flavorful with notes of earthy pungent spice and pine.

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  • Buy Blue Mystic


    $310 per oz  /  $600 per qp  / $900 per hp  / $1800 per lb

    Also known as “Fruity-licious” in some circles this indica has an 18% THC content and is a 20% Sativa 80% indica cross breed of Blueberry and Northern Lights. A stony, sweet, fruity, top choice indica hard to match for its flavor.


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  • Buy Critical Kush

    $2,500.00 $2,300.00

    $2300.00 Per lb
    Look – Sticky light/dark green buds covered in crystals.

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  • Buy Critical Kush

    $320.00 $300.00

    $300 per oz / $600 per qp / $900 per hp / $1800 per lb

    This 100% indica strain is a crossbreed of Critical Mass x Pakistani Kush with THC contents averaging at highs of 25% and 2.1% medicinal CBD. Very earthy and piney notes, with a kushy citrus bite. Heavy couch-locked body sensation not recommended for novice tokers.

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  • Buy Grandaddy Purple

    $320.00 $310.00

    $310 per oz / $600 per qp / $800 per hp / $1800 per lb

    Weighing in at between 17-23% THC this Purple indica strain is a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The buds tend to be fat and lush given the Big Buds quality, and nugs are sure be filled with a delicious purple. This bud is super fruity, sweet, and straight dank with a euphoric sleepy time high, and medicinal relief.

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  • Buy Holy Grail Kush


    $200.00 Per Gram
    Look – Nice tight buds with a blend of light and dark green, orange hairs and an even coverage of trichomes

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  • Buy Ice Wreck

    $320.00 $300.00

    $300 per oz / $600 per qp / $900 per hp / $1800 per lb

    This highly potent indica hybrid weighs in at a high 27.7% THC level and will rock you with a full body stone. Parent Strains are Trainwreck (a very speedy sativa) and Nirvana (Ice) that are crossed to make this banging body buzzer. This is one that will have you lazy for hours. If grown well, this plant can produce up to 450 grams per plant


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  • Buy Kosher Kush (Reserva Privada)


    $300 per ounce
    Look – Small thick nuggets that are dark/light green. Nice trichome coverage throughout.

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  • Buy Northern Lights

    $295.00 $285.00

    $650per qp/ $285 per oz/ $900 per hp/ $1800 per lb

    Northern Lights is a pure indica bud and is one of the most famous of all time. It weighs in with a THC content averaging around 18%. It is both pungent sweet and earthy with a euphoric dreaminess in the high. Good for muscle relaxation, anxiety, pain, and stress relief.

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  • Buy OG Kush


    Product is as per Ounce

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  • Buy og kush and medical marijuana

    $350.00 $310.00


    Strain Name: OG Kush
    Grade: A+
    Type: OG Kush is the only sativa dominant Kush.
    Looks: Almost a light lime green with some orange. Looks as if it is coated in powder sugar.

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  • Buy OG Kush Medical Marijuana

    $310.00 $300.00

    Product is as per ounce

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  • Buy Pineapple Kush

    $320.00 $300.00

    $300 per oz  /  $600 per qp  / $900 per hp  / $1800 per lb

    Hints of Caramel, vanilla, and of course pineapple make up this 18% THC cross of OG and Pineapple. A heady euphoric high compared to most lazed out indie stones. 20% sativa 80% indica.

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  • Buy Purple Kush

    $350.00 $300.00

    Price is as per Ounce

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  • Buy Purple Kush

    $320.00 $295.00


    $295 per oz / $600 per qp / $800 per hp / $1800 per lb

    In top grow situations this amazing Purp has yielded a 27.7% THC content and gives a pure couch-caked indica high. This heavy hitter is no joke and if smoked during the day will make any task seem worth procrastinating. Great medicinal relief with sustained head high, and King of Grapes.

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  • Buy Purple Kush Feminized specifications


    Thc 18%

    CBD 0.52%

    Indica 100%

    Sativa 0%

    Yield Indoor 550 Grams (19 ounces) m2

    Yield Outdoor 850 Grams (30 ounces) m2

    Height Indoor 90 cm

    Height Outdoor 180 cm

    Flower time 8 to 9 weeks

    Harvest month October


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  • Buy Purple Urkle

    $650.00 $620.00

    $15.00 Per Gram
    Look – Nice little thick purple buds, very resinous.

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  • Buy Querkle Kush


    250.00 Per OZ
    Nice dense trichome covered nuggets with shades of purple throughout.

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  • Buy Sensi-Star


    $320 per oz / $600 per qp / $900 per hp / $1800 per lb

    This 90% indica dominant strain is both earthy and sweet, with woody notes. A major body buzz with this one with a 20% THC content. As a 2x High Times Cannabis Cup winner you just can’t go wrong.

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  • Buy White Cookies

    $550.00 $400.00

    $270 per oz / $400per qp / $900 per hp / $1800 per lb

    A high yielding hybrid plant, 60% indica dominant, with a strong body high for medicinal pain relief, as well as a rushing cerebral head high. The bud is a cross between White Widow and the ever popular Girl Scout Cookies. It has an average 19.25% THC content with .75% CBD and .24 CBN for optimum medicinal benefit

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